How else can I show my appreciation?

Some ideas are:

  • Organize a class party/thanks party for your teacher.

  • Give them a present such as a PowerPoint presentation or a song.

  • Write them a hand written note and send it to them.

  • Give them a speech (for example if it is logic class use reasoning to tell them why they are the best teacher ever! Or for Latin, recite your whole thank you card in Latin!)

  • Study for your exams, pay attention in class, and remember the funny stories in your old age.

What do I write in my letters?

Some ideas are:

  • Thank you, ______!

  • What you enjoyed about the class

  • What you enjoyed about the teaching style

  • What you got out of the class (if it is a language class it might be a good idea to write the letter in that language!)

  • Thanks again _______, [your name here]

Are we only allowed to submit letters for our current teachers, or can we submit letters for past teachers?

Letter submission is not limited to your current teachers or even teachers you've had before, but we aren't able to get letters to teachers who are no longer at VSA. If any of your former teachers is still a teacher at Veritas, you're welcome to send them a letter with VSATAD.

When do I submit my letters?

Letters can be submitted anytime between March 29 and April 22.

Where are all the teacher letters?

The teacher letters are being carefully collected in a climate-controlled storage facility. On the appointed day, they will be released en masse to flood the teachers with our overwhelming appreciation.

How many letters can I write to each of my teachers?

One letter per teacher is the limit. If you want us to combine something that you have already submitted, then tell us who it was to and what date you submitted it and we will be happy to edit it for you!

Who runs the project?

The VSATAD project was started by Joshua Avalos and Alice Hui. It's now run by Jackson Collender, Grace Gimotty, Sofia Lorenzana, Emmy King, Bella McCoy, Sean Ngere, and Adam Knowles. For more information, or to learn about veteran VSATAD workers, check out the Crew page.

Do you need any help?

Thank you for your generous offer, but at this point in time we have plenty of staff.