How else can I show my appreciation?

Some ideas are:

When can I donate to 15k in 15 Days?

Donations for the 15k in 15 Days campaign will be accepted between December 1 and December 15.

Where will the donations to 15k in 15 Days go?

Donations for the 15k in 15 Days will contribute to three different causes. These are bringing teachers to the EOYG, the VSA teacher relief fund, and last but not least, financial aid. The purpose of the teacher relief fund is to help aid teachers financially in emergency situations. The purpose of financial aid is to help students afford VSA when they otherwise could not. 

Who runs the project?

The VSATAD project was started by Joshua Avalos and Alice Hui. It's now run by Sean Ngere, Emlianna King, Adam Knowles, Luke Hahs, and Effie Andam. For more information, or to learn about alumni VSATAD workers, check out the Crew page.

Do you need any help?

Thank you for your generous offer, but at this point in time we have plenty of staff.

Where can I contact the team?

If you have any questions, please send us an email at vpscholars.tad@gmail.com.